Welcome to the Energy for Wales website


Welcome to the Energy For Wales website. We aim to deliver all the links and advice you could ask for regarding commercial Green Energy Technologies. Solar power is possibly the most viable green energy available to us, and is a term that is generically used to denote different methods of harnessing the sun's rays and transforming them into a form of useable energy.

Solar power can be utilized in a number of ways to power homes and machines, and it can, if used correctly, probe as ubiquitous in our lives as fossil fuels currently are, given the chance.

Pretty much anything you can imagine that requires power can make use of solar energy to run, from lights to batteries, battery chargers to water heaters, pumps and cookers, the uses for solar power are as endless as the uses for traditional forms of energy.

There are limits to the conversion of this power however, with the efficient transfer of light into energy reliant upon the technology we can develop to do so. This is obviously a concern for those who want to see solar power as the sustainable energy source of mankind’s future, but thankfully, these limits are increasingly being pushed back by the ongoing development of ever more efficient transfer technologies such as the photovoltaic cells used in modern PV solar panel arrays.

Nowadays solar power conversion efficiencies are better than ever, and this trend will only continue. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about Energy for Wales.